1980 Tejas Truck Camper Prices and Specs

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Tejas Note

TRUCK CAMPERS - No further information available after 1980.

(1980 - 1971)

Truck Campers

M-8 Deluxe Side

M-8 Economy

M-8 1/2 Deluxe-SD

M-8 1/2 SC

M-9 1/2 Deluxe

M-9 1/2 SC

M-10-7 Sleeper

M-11 Deluxe SC

M-11 1/2 Deluxe SC

Constructing truck campers for compact and full-size pick-up trucks, Tejas operated through the 1970s. Creating base level as well as some better-equipped models for greater camping enjoyment, Tejas truck campers could be ordered as a self-contained unit. Tejas truck camper production ended after the 1980 model year.