1980 Midas Prices, Values and Specs

Important note for Midas

CAMPING TRAILERS - No further information available after 1979.

Select a 1980 Midas Series

(1984 - 1973)


Freeport Series

M-200-1, 2

M-230-4, 5

Kingston Series

M-200-1, 2

M-230-1, 2

M-230-4, 5

M-277-1, 2

M-299-1, 2

5th Wheel

M-2000 30-I

Travel Trailers

M-1000 18-I

M-1000 20-I, I8

M-1000 22-I, II, III

M-1000 24-I, II

M-2000 240-I, II

M-1000 26-I

M-2000 260-I

M-2000 280-I

M-2000 300-I, II

Created by the same company behind the muffler and exhaust chain, Midas recreational vehicles was a majority diversification started in the 1970s. At one time producing Class A and Class motorhomes, fifth wheel trailers, truck campers as well as camping trailers, Midas products touted modern engineering for attracting family campers. Focused solely on motorhomes after the 1982 model year, Midas would ultimately end production after the 1984. MRV would produce the Midas motorhome line during the 1985 model year.