1978 Travelcraft Prices, Values and Specs

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MOTORHOMES - For information after 1990, refer to Travelcraft/Craft Product.

(1990 - 1976)


Travel Craft-20BB

Travel Craft-20RB

Travel Craft-20SD

Travel Craft-23BB

Travel Craft-23DD

Travel Craft-23FL

Travel Craft-23RB

Travel Craft-23RL

Travel Craft-23SD

Travelcraft constructed Class A, Class C and van conversion recreational products through the 1970s and 1980s. Ranging from 20 to 34 feet in length, Travelcraft motorhomes are fitted with a combination of comfort and luxury oriented equipment. Motorhome lines produced under Travelcraft included Leisure Craft, Travel Craft and Cozy Traveler. For Class C motorhomes, Travelcraft used Dodge, Ford and General Motors van chassis frames. After the 1990 model year, Travelcraft would continue to construct motorhomes under the Craft Products company.