2014 Ski-Doo Skandic WT Ace600 (Electric Start) Options, Equipment, and Prices.

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Offered with three engine choices for 2014, the Skandic® WT promotes Ski-Doo’s utility snowmobile line with a host of impressive features. Constructed on a REV-XU platform, the 2014 Skandic® WT features room for 2-up seating and cargo rack. Emphasizing the utility of the snow machine, tongue type hitch is standard equipment on the 2014 Ski-Doo Skandic® WT. Supporting the Skandic® WT during for on-trail travel is a front Lynx telescopic suspension and a rear SC-5U articulating rear suspension. Motion Control shock absorbers are found at the front and center while the snowmobile uses HPG shocks at the rear. A pair of two-stroke engines available on the 2014 Skandic® WT has one offering basic technology while another involves a higher level of 21st century tuning. The carbureted Rotax 550F engine is a reliable base powerplant while the Rotax E-TEC 600 H.O. two-stroke engine provides more intrigue through the incorporation of electronic direct injection and 3-D R.A.V.E. technology. The 2014 Ski-Doo Skandic® WT is also offered with an electronically fuel-injected Rotax ACE 600 power unit as a four-stroke option. The Rotax 550F and Rotax ACE 600 models of the 2014 Skandic® WT add an eDrive drive clutch symbolizing the only major change made to the Skandic® WT for 2014.
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EXTERIOR Suggested
List Price
J Hooks $21
Ski Handle Set Various Colors $44
Extra Front Bumper $270
Skid Plate $170
Rear Cargo Rack $180
Windshield Side Deflector Kit $45
Windshield Side Deflector Kit $35
Lateral Air Deflector Kit $60
Extra High One-Piece Windshield $150
Low Windshield $100
High Windshield $120
Extra High Windshield $120
Ultra High Windshield $120
High Sport Performance Windshield $120
Medium Sport Performance Windshield $140
Windshield-Mount Mirrors $40
Handlebar Muffs $55
Expedition Cover $210
Rear Rack Extension $70
Racing Storage Cover $100
Cargo Box $230
Windshield Base Kit $25
Windshield Base Kit $15
Windshield Base Kit $20
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