2013 Yamaha RST90PTFDL Venture TF (Blue) Options, Equipment, and Prices.

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Note: VINTAGE - 1954 - 1960 Due to the rarity of these years and models of Yamaha, pricing data is still being collected.
In 2013 only wet weight was reported.
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List Price
Coolant Heater $36
Hand Deflectors $67
Ski Handles Various Colors $21
Ultra Plates Various Colors $102
Shock Covers Various Colors $35
Handlebar Hooks Various Colors and Styles $20
RX/RS Front Grab Bar $169
A-Arm Protectors $69
RS Venture GT Low Profile Windshield $106
Apex/Vector/Venture Rider Gauntlets for Straight Bars $80
Apex/Vector/Venture Rider Gauntlets for Hooked Bars $84
DC Outlet $51
RS Venture GT Premium Rider Gauntlets $60
RS Venture GT Premium Passenger Gauntlets $53
RS Venture Custom Cover With Out Rack $180
RS Venture Saddlebags $130
Windshield Pouch $36
Venture GT Saddlebags $160
RS Venture Custom Cover With Rack $180
Custom Cover With Rack $180
Tank Bag With Map Pouch $119
Premium Rear Trunk Bag $80
RS Venture GT Windshield Bag $20
RX/RS Tank Bag With Map Pouch $140
RS Venture/GT Waterproof Rack Bag $138
Snow Winch By Warn® $557
Rear Tow Bumper $92
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