2013 Victory Motorcycles Judge™ Price Details and Specs

All-new for 2013, the Victory Judge™ is styled after the historical interpretation of American muscle motorcycles. Featuring retro touches mixed with modern engineering, the 2013 Victory Judge™ is inspired largely by 1960s performance vehicles. Available in three exterior color options, the 2013 Victory Judge™ is additionally detailed with blacked-out exhaust piping and engine components. Matched with Dunlop Elite II tires, the 16-inch five-spoke wheels on the 2013 Victory Judge™ are reminiscent of the popular magnesium wheels found on automobiles built during the muscle car era. Designed to be stylish, the 2013 Victory Judge™ is also a functionally balanced machine. A low seating position for the rider aids in providing a center of gravity close to the road surface. Full disc braking provides the 2013 Victory Judge™ with consistent stopping power. Trekking down streets and highways, a 106 cubic-inch Freedom V-Twin engine propels the 2013 Victory Judge™ with electronic fuel injection. Engine power for the 2013 Victory Judge™ is directed via a six-speed overdrive transmission. Mid-mounted controls for the rider of the 2013 Victory Judge™ provide a high sense of ergonomics.

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