2012 Yamaha XV17ATSBW/C Road Star Silverado Options, Equipment, and Prices.

Select 2012 Yamaha XV17ATSBW/C Road Star Silverado Options

Note: VINTAGE - 1954 - 1960 Due to the rarity of these years and models of Yamaha, pricing data is still being collected.
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List Price
Braided Stainless Steel Cables and Lines $60
Saddlebag Guards $300
License Frames $60
Saddlebag Trim Rails $200
Passenger Floorboards $76
Mini Tank Cover $54
Leather Tank Bra With Pocket $91
Chrome Metal Fender Tip Rear Of Front Fender $71
Engine Guards $140
Front Fender Trim Rail $117
Big Bar Engine Guards $220
Chrome Metal Fender Tip Rear Fender $117
Chrome Metal Fender Tip Front Of Front Fender $60
Tour Classic Saddlebag Guards $167
Handlebars $65
Passing Light Visors $19
Turn Signal Visors $21
Headlight Visor $23
Passing Lamps, Various Styles $119
Quick Release Windshield $382
Lower Wind Deflector $50
Left Mirror Various Styles $50
Right Mirror Various Styles $90
Passenger Backrest Pad $60
Comfort Cruise Solo Seat $268
Comfort Cruise Passenger Pillion Pad $237
Comfort Cruise Plain Stiletto Leather Seat $372
Seat Rail $166
Expandable Custom Cover $145
Rear Luggage Rack $114
Leather Windshield Bag $66
Leather Backrest Bag $76
Leather Tool Bag $66
Plain Cruiseliteâ„¢ Classic Saddlebags $260
Studded Tour Classic Saddlebags $879
Plain Silverado Saddlebags $788
Hard Saddlebag Liners $89
Rear Luggage Fixed Backrest $114
Rear Fender Rack $126
Saddlebags, Various Styles $344
Passing Lamp Mounts $120
Passenger Floorboard Mounts $76
Quick Release Backrest Upright $115
Quick Release Backrest Side Arms $246
Lower Deflector Mounting Hardware $117
Saddlebag Support Bars $106
Tour Classic® Saddlebag Support Bars $190
Quick Release Windshield Mounts Retro-Fit $197
Quick Release Windshield Mounts $186
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