2012 Yamaha RST90BS Venture Options, Equipment, and Prices.

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The 2012 Yamaha RS line caters to a diverse audience of snowmobile riders. For 2012, the 2012 Yamaha RS line features four stylish models with each covering a specific discipline of sledding. A liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine with a 1,049 cc displacement powers the entire 2012 Yamaha RS line-up with the consistency of electronic fuel injection. Suited to trail riding, the 2012 Yamaha RS Vector is propelled across snow with a 121-inch long Camoplast RipSaw track. For riders who want the occasional trip off-trail, the 2012 Yamaha RS Vector LTX is given a more aggressive 136-inch long track. The 2012 Yamaha RS model line also provides touring level snowmobiles comfortable for a rider and a passenger. Featuring 2-Up seating, the 2012 Yamaha RS Venture GT offers even greater suspension travel than the LTX model. While the RS Venture GT model is equipped with a 144-inch Camoplast RipSaw track, a multi-purpose 2012 Yamaha RS Venture TF model is a sports track 151 inches in length. All 2012 Yamaha RS snowmobiles are standard equipped with hydraulic disc braking, DC outlet and reverse.
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VINTAGE - 1954 - 1960 Due to the rarity of these years and models of Yamaha, pricing data is still being collected.
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List Price
Coolant Heater $36
Hand Deflectors $67
Shock Covers Various Colors $31
Ultra Plates Various Colors $102
Handlebar Hooks Various Colors and Styles $20
Ski Handles Various Colors $21
RS Venture GT Low Profile Windshield $106
DC Outlet $51
Apex/Vector/Venture Rider Gauntlets for Straight Bars $80
Apex/Vector/Venture Rider Gauntlets for Hooked Bars $84
Venture Passenger Gauntlets $57
Re-Settable Hour Meter by Hardline® Products $40
Premium Handlebar Bag $40
Windshield Pouch $36
RS Venture Saddlebags $130
Custom Cover Without Rack $160
Custom Cover With Rack $155
Deluxe Rear Trunk $55
RX/RS Tank Bag With Map Pouch $120
Rear Tow Bumper $92
Snow Winch By Warn® $496
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