2012 Ski-Doo Summit 600 E-TEC SP 154 Options, Equipment, and Prices.

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Configured for treks through deep snow, the 2012 Ski-Doo Summit SP is an adventurous and relatively lightweight sled. Built on a REV-XP chassis, the 2012 Ski-Doo Summit SP features an aggressive array of equipment including brand-new Pilot DS skis and a narrow stance. The suspension system for the 2012 Ski-Doo Summit SP consists of dual A-arms at the front and a SC-5M rear suspension unit. HPG shock absorbers provide controlled damping for a well-planted ride. For consistent stopping power on snow, the 2012 Ski-Doo Summit SP features Brembo racing brake with stainless-steel braided line. Powered by one of two Rotax E-TEC two-stroke engines, the 2012 Ski-Doo Summit SP features a 594.4 cc and 799.5 cc displacement size. The E-TEC engines are high-revving powerplants with electronic direct injection. Featuring a PowderMax track with 2.25-inch lugs, available track lengths on the 2012 Ski-Doo Summit SP includes 146-inch, 154-inch and 163-inch. For 2012, the Ski-Doo Summit SP is the recipient of some improved conveniences. A new multi-function gauge cluster and a REV-XP X narrow seat featuring 1.3 gallons of storage capacity is now included on the 2012 Ski-Doo Summit SP.
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List Price
Women's Evolution Kit $350
Electric Starter Kit $510
154 In Track $350
115 mm 4 Position Adjustable Handlebar Riser $205
Ski Handle Set Various Colors $42
Windshield Side Deflector Kit $25
Handlebar Wind Deflectors $65
Front Bumper $55
Passenger Footrest Kit For 1+1 Seat $60
Nylon Shock Protectors $20
Knee Deflector $20
Chasis Reinforcement Kit $55
Full Body Skid Plate $100
A-Arm Protector $65
Heavy Duty Rear Bumper $70
Knee Pad Kit $50
Handlebar Air Deflector Extension Kit $65
Low Fixed Windshield $100
Panel Mount Mirror Kit $70
Sport Performance Flared Windshield $120
Medium Windshield Kit $135
Medium Fixed Windshield $100
Winshield Extension Mirror Kit $60
Ultra High Windshield $120
Ultra Low Fixed Windshield $100
Medium Injected Windshield $105
Low Windshield And Side Deflector Kit $100
Handlebar Air Deflector Mirror Kit $25
1 + 1 Seat $600
1+1 Seat Backrest $300
Heated Seat Cover $300
2-Up Seat $315
2-Up Seat/Backrest Combo $550
X Seat With Storage $400
Standard Seat $275
12 V Power Outlet Kit $30
Adjustable Handlebar Muffs $40
1 + 1 Black Passenger Muffs $45
Heated Visor Kit $32
Heated Passenger Handgrips $120
Heated Passenger Visor Kit $40
Premium Gauge Package $150
Engine Temperature Module $100
Dashboard Bag $40
Tank Bag $85
Heated Riser Block Bag $55
Storage/Compact Travel Cover $90
25 lt Soft MX Z Tunnel Bag $90
Tunnel Bag $130
26 lt Rear Bag For 1 + 1 Seat $155
Saddlebag $105
Semi Rigid Tunnel Bag $105
Intense Cover $230
Expedition Cover $210
Long Luggage Rack $115
Cargo Bag $150
Riser Block Bag $55
C Type Hitch $45
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