2012 Coleman Powersports Prices, Values and Specs

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Coleman Powersports Note

UTILITY/ATVS - Due to limited resale market, we are unable to determine used values.
(Model years 2015 - 2012)


Utility ATV

XT260 Trail Tamer
XT550 Trail Tamer


Utility Side by Side

UT500 Outfitter
UT700-4 Outfitter
UT700 Outfitter
UT800 Outfitter
Popular outdoor outfitter brand Coleman, the company’s powersport line includes ATVs, utility vehicles, marine products and mini bikes. Ideal for recreational interests, the marine and off-roading products created by Coleman Powersports incorporate practically as well as modern technology. Coleman Powersports can be serviced at 1,200 authorized service centers across the United States.