2012 Beta Evo Factory Price Details and Specs

Constructed for skilled recreational and competitive motocross riders, the 2012 BETA Evo Factory models continue to sport two-stroke powerplants. The 2012 BETA Evo Factory is a limited edition motorbike styled with factory racing colors and accessories. Built on a CNC machined billet aluminum frame, the 2012 BETA Evo Factory reveals a focus on minimizing weight. A red anodized treatment is performed to the frame as well as other components of the 2012 BETA Evo Factory motorbike for a weather resistant, enduring finish. Front and rear disc brakes on the 2012 BETA Evo Factory hands the rider consistent control of the Michelin X-Light tires. Propelled by a range of single-cylinder engines, the 2012 BETA Evo Factory is offered in a 125, 250 and 300 level. A magnesium crankcase and titanium exhaust manifold reduces allows for a weight reduction of over four pounds. The handlebar for the 2012 BETA Evo Factory can be augmented to six different positions allowing the rider to experience their most preferable posture on the motorbike.

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