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Covering an array of recreation and competition suited motorcycles, the 2012 BETA Evo Trial line caters to a vast demographic of riders. Created for beginning riders six-to-nine years old, the Minitrial is a steel-framed motorbike propelled by an air-cooled, 49 cc two-stroke engine. An automatic transmission on the 2012 BETA Minitrial provides young riders with a quick orientation to the two-wheeled machine. For riders advancing in year, the 2012 BETA Evo Trial 80 Junior and 80 Senior models will provide more freedom with better hardware. 2012 BETA Evo Trial 80 Junior and 80 Senior are powered by an 80 cc liquid-cooled powerplant connected to a six-speed gearbox. Meant for riders 9 to 11 years old, the 2012 BETA Evo Trial 80 Junior is smaller and lighter than the 80 Senior model with a seating position 1.6 inches lower. Progressing to a higher adult skill level, aluminum framed 2012 BETA Evo Trial motorbikes start with the 125 model. Two-stroke engine availability for the aluminum framed 2012 BETA Evo Trails consist of a 124 cc, 195 cc, 250 cc and a 289 cc. The 2012 BETA Evo Trial motorbikes also includes two four-stroke engined versions in the 250 and 300 range. New to the 2012 model year line-up is the BETA Evo Trial 300 SS featuring enhancements such as titanium headers, improved clutch performance and unique graphics.
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EXTERIOR Suggested
List Price
Carbon Fiber Frame Guards $116
Carbon Fiber Frame Panels $199
Carbon Fiber Front Brake Disc Cover $115
Billet Footpegs, Red $170
Long - Range Fuel Tank/Seat $549
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