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The Arctic Cat line of utility sleds, the 2012 Bearcat® selection of snowmobiles is created as a practical choice for work and recreational riding. Constructed on a Twin Spar chassis, the 2012 Arctic Cat Bearcat® sleds ride on a front suspension consisting of AWS VII hydraulic twin tube shocks. For 2012, the Bearcat® line is offered in five different trim levels. The 2012 Arctic Cat Bearcat® 570 and 570 XT provide two-passenger capacity. Standard features on the Bearcat® 570 machines include electric starter, hand & thumb warmers, a high windshield and dual halogen headlamps. Sharing a Blue/Black exterior appearance, the Arctic Cat Bearcat® 570 XT features a brawnier build than the original 570 model. The 2012 Arctic Cat Bearcat® Z1 XT adds an accessory outlet as well as the choice of Blue or Green paint. Engine heater, luggage bag and a higher windscreen complements the Limited model of the 2012 Arctic Cat Bearcat® Z1 XT. The single-seat Arctic Bearcat® Z1 XT Groomer Special is an all-new for 2012 equipped with a front bumper winch, rear power outlet and a rear light bar. The Arctic Cat Bearcat® propulsion is provided from two-stroke and four-stroke engines. A fan-cooled, 565 cc twin-cylinder two-stroke powerplant pushes the 2012 Arctic Cat Bearcat® 570 and Bearcat® 570 XT models. The 2012 Arctic Cat Bearcat® Z1 array of snowmobiles is propelled through a liquid-cooled, 1,056 cc four-stroke engine.
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SNOWMOBILES - Manufacturer will not release missing dry weight information. Contact manufacturer for missing dry weight specifications.
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Driveline Suggested
List Price
Assorted Tracks $630
Arctic Cat Ski Handles - Assorted Colors $30
Assorted Skies (Pair) - Various Styles and Colors $370
Handlebar Grips $20
Rear Skid Plate $170
Wear Strips - Various Styles $80
Compact Mirror $20
Windshield Mounted Mirrors, Pair $70
Windshield Mounted Mirrors, Single $35
Hand Muffs - Various Styles $40
Hand Warmer Kit - Passenger $90
Passenger Muffs $50
Sled Lift Wheel Kit $120
Arctic Cat Storage Cover $240
Custom Handlebar Bag $30
Premium Storage Cover $260
Undercover Liner $50
Windshield Bag $70
Hitch Kit $70
Pintle Conversion Kit $50
Warn® Portable Winch Kit $580
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