2012 Arctic Cat 4X4-550 Automatic GT Options, Equipment, and Prices

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Featuring five distinct models for 2012, the Arctic Cat 550i is a diverse all-terrain vehicle. Equipped with a four-wheel double A-arm suspension system, hydraulic disc brakes, and a four-wheel drive system including an electric differential lock, the 2012 Arctic Cat 500i is instantly fitted with healthy array of features permitting off-road exploration. An electronic fuel injected, four-stroke 545 cc displacement engine propels the 2012 Arctic Cat 550i line. The 2012 Arctic Cat 500i’s engine power allows up to 1,050 pounds of towing capacity to be produced from the ATV. The five variants of the 2012 Arctic Cat 500i starts with the base model. The 2012 Arctic Cat 500i GT presents the addition of power steering and aluminum wheels. The 2012 Arctic Cat 550i LTD model sports its own unique equipment and appearance options. Providing Arctic Green Metallic and Desert Red paint colors, the 2012 Arctic Cat 500i LTD is distinguished for its aggressively tough front and rear bumpers. Geared towards comfortable riding for two passengers, the 2012 Arctic Cat 550i TRV GT is fitted with a 2-Up seat with rear passenger backrest. For superior off-roading comfort, a winch, touring case and hand warmers are found on the 2012 Arctic Cat 550i TRV Cruiser that also features a sport bike style windscreen.
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SNOWMOBILES - Manufacturer will not release missing dry weight information. Contact manufacturer for missing dry weight specifications.
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List Price
Speedrack™ Remington Big Game Edition Package $890
Heavy-Duty Battery $95
Engine Heater $45
Rear Sway Bar Kit $140
Front Aluminum Rims - 5-Spoke $100
Titan 495 AT Aggressive Tread Front or Rear Tires 26 X 10.5-12 $95
Front Aluminum Rims - 8-Spoke $95
Rear Aluminum Rims - 8-Spoke $95
Goodyear Production Front or Rear Tire 26 X 11-12 $115
Goodyear Production Front or Rear Tire 26 X 8-12 $110
Carlisle 25 X 11-12 Production Front or Rear Tire $105
Carlisle 25 X 8-12 Production Front or Rear Tire $90
Titan 589 AT Ultimate Traction Front or Rear Tire 25 X 8-12 $90
Rear Tire Chains - Size B $65
Rear Tire Chains - Size C $75
Rear Aluminum Rims - 5-Spoke $100
Titan 589 AT Ultimate Traction Front or Rear Tire 25 X 10-12 $95
Front Chrome Rims $95
Carlisle 25 X 10-12 Production Front or Rear Tire $99
Rear Chrome Rims $95
Red Handguards $70
Rear Shock Covers $40
Front Shock Covers $40
Chrome Headlight Lens Covers $40
Camouflage Pattern Fender Covers $200
Front Brushguard/Bumper Attachment $180
Lime Green Handguards $70
Deluxe Rear Bumper Attachment $140
Black Handguards $70
License Plate Kit $18
Safety Flag $35
Olive Green Handguards $70
Speedrack™ Light Bar $160
Touring Windshield Assorted Colors $230
Quick Attach Camo Windshield $190
Quick Attach Lime Windshield $160
Quick Attach Red Windshield $160
Quick Attach Olive Green Windshield $160
Quick Attach Black Windshield $160
Black Powder-Coated Oval Mirror $18
Black Powder-Coated Mirror $28
Speedrack™ Backrest $150
Camouflage Seat Cover $40
Handlebar Muffs $45
12-Volt Accessory Plug Kit $25
Hand/Thumb Warmer Kit $75
Speedrack™ Black Rear Cargo Box $140
Black and Deluxe Advantage Timber® Gun Scabbard $90
Speedrack™ Cargo Box Quick Release Kit $40
Cargo Box Foam Insert $50
Speedrack™ Carryall 11 X 17 Inch Diameter $75
Speedrack™ Carryall 10 Inch Diameter $65
Cargo Box Liner Bag $60
Touring Windshield Bag $30
Cruiser Rear Cargo Box $350
Black Lunch Pack $65
R12 Rear Deluxe Speedrack™ $140
F10 Front Deluxe Speedrack™ $110
Front or Rear Speedrack™ Rack Basket 33L X 13W X 6 5/8H $170
Rear Speedrack™ Treestand / Bowcase Holder $140
Trailerable ATV Cover $140
Black ATV Cover with Windshield $110
Camouflage Pattern Front Rack Bag $140
Black ATV Cover $100
Black Fender Bag $45
Rear Black Rack Bag $145
Front Black Rack Bag $138
8-In. Rear Rack Extension $95
4-In. Front Rack Extension $85
Camouflage Pattern Rear Rack Bag $145
Black Gun Scabbard $75
Camouflage Pattern Fender Bag $48
Rear Speedrack™ Rack Basket 42L X 15.5W X 7H $200
Max 4 Camouflage ATV Covers $140
Realtree Hardwoods® ATV Covers $140
Speedrack™ Rear Carryall 14 X 27 $105
Rear Speedrack™ Bucket Hugger $170
Front or Rear Speedrack™ Ice Auger Holder $180
Speedrack™ Gun Scabbard Kit $170
Cargo Box Quick Release Kit $40
Dual Gun Utility Mount $80
Speedpoint Mounting Brakets $45
Speedrack™ Rear Adapter Kit $30
Speedrack™ Side Adapter Kit $40
Speedrack™ Vertical Utiliy / Gun Rack $60
Speedrack™ Pin $15
Speedrack™ Gun Scabbard Mount $95
Gun Scabbard Mount $75
Plow Attachment Kit $45
Mirror Mounting Bracket $10
Speedpoint 3-Pt Hitch $780
Warn® 3000-lb Winch Kit $400
Marsh Cargo Trailer $530
Black Cargo Trailer $500
Roller Fairlead $45
Receiver Hitch $25
Snowplow Push Frame $210
60-in. One-Way Tapered Snow Blade - Yellow $330
60-in. Snowplow Straight Blade - Yellow $210
50-in. One-Way Tapered Snow Blade - Yellow $260
50-in. Snowplow Straight Blade - Yellow $190
57-in. Deluxe Brush Mower $3,396
Remote Angle Adjuster $55
60-in. One-Way Tapered Snow Blade - Diamond Tread $380
60-in. Snowplow Straight Blade - Diamond Tread $260
60-in. One-Way Tapered Snow Blade - Green $330
42-in. Rough Cut Mower $1,900
42-in. Finish Mower $1,100
63-in. Finish Mower $2,100
60-in. Snowplow Straight Blade - Green $210
Advantage® Timber Camouflage $400
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