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A diverse line-up of trial bikes for BETA, the Evo line-up has received a number of upgrades for 2011. The introductory motorcycles to the 2011 BETA Evo line-up are the Evo 80 Junior and Evo 80 Senior. Created for older child to teenage riders, the 2011 BETA Evo 80 Junior and Evo 80 Senior are powered by an 80 cc two-stroke engine mated to a six-speed gearbox. The 2011 BETA Evo 80 Senior has larger wheels than the Evo 80 Junior and possesses greater wheel travel. For adult riders, the 2011 BETA Evo line-up offers two-stroke as well as four-stroke engine choices. Ranging in engine displacement sizes from 124 cc to 289 cc, the 2011 BETA Evo 2T range shares physical attributes. Wheel travel for the 2011 BETA Evo 2T trial motorcycle is 6.5 inches at the front and 7.1 inches at the rear. For 2011, the BETA Evo 2T models feature a new engine position for a better center of gravity, improved exhaust and a lighter wheel rim. For the refined performance of four-stroke engine technology, the 2011 BETA Evo 4T line is presented with engine displacement sizes 250 cc to 297 cc. The 2011 BETA Evo 4T models share suspension characteristics of the Evo 2T products. All 2011 BETA Evo models are outfitted with front and rear disc braking for consistent stopping power.
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EXTERIOR Suggested
List Price
Carbon Fiber Frame Guards $116
Carbon Fiber Frame Panels $199
Carbon Fiber Front Brake Disc Cover $115
Billet Footpegs, Red $170
Long - Range Fuel Tank/Seat $549
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