2011 Arctic Cat Prices, Values and Specs

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Arctic Cat Note

SNOWMOBILES - Manufacturer will not release missing weight information. Contact manufacturer for weight specifications.

(Model years 2018 - 1985)


Sport ATV

2X4-XC 450 (Electronic Fuel Injection)

DVX 300 Automatic

DVX 90 Automatic

Utility ATV

2X4-150 Automatic

2X4-300 Automatic

2X4-425 Automatic

2X4-70 Automatic

2X4-90 Automatic

4X4 Mudpro Automatic H1

4X4 Super Duty Diesel

4X4 TBX Limited (Power Steering)

4X4-1000 Mudpro Automatic (Electronic Fuel Injection)

4X4-1000 Limited (Power Steering)

4X4-1000 Cruiser TRV (Power Steering)

4X4-350 Automatic

4X4-366 Automatic

4X4-450 Automatic (Electronic Fuel Injection)

4X4-450 Automatic (Electronic Fuel Injection, Camouflage)

4X4-450 Automatic TRV

4X4-450 Limited (Tungsten Metallic)

4X4-500 Automatic (Electronic Fuel Injection, Camouflage)

4X4-500 S (Power Steering)

4X4-550 Automatic (Electronic Fuel Injection)

4X4-550 Automatic TRV

4X4-550 GT TRV (Power Steering)

4X4-550 Limited (Power Steering)

4X4-550 Cruiser TRV (Power Steering)

4X4-650 Automatic H1

4X4-700 Automatic (Electronic Fuel Injection)

4X4-700 Automatic TRV

4X4-700 Mudpro Automatic (Electronic Fuel Injection)

4X4-700 S (Power Steering)

4X4-700 GT TRV (Power Steering)

4X4-700 (Power Steering, Camouflage)

4X4-700 Limited (Power Steering)

4X4-700 Cruiser TRV (Power Steering)


AC 120

Bearcat 570

Bearcat 570 XT

Bearcat Z1 XT

Bearcat Z1 XT Limited

CFR 1000


Crossfire 6

Crossfire 8

Crossfire 8 Sno Pro

Crossfire 8 Sno Pro Limited 1.5" Lug

Crossfire 8 Sno Pro Limited 2.25" Lug

F5 LXR (Electronic Fuel Injection)


F6 Sno Pro

F8 EXT (Electronic Fuel Injection)

F8 LXR (Electronic Fuel Injection)

F8 Sno Pro (Electronic Fuel Injection)

F8 Sno Pro Limited (Electronic Fuel Injection)

M1000 162" Sno Pro (Electronic Fuel Injection)

M-6 153" (Electronic Fuel Injection)

M8 153" (Electronic Fuel Injection)

M8 153" Sno Pro (Electronic Fuel Injection)

M8 153" Sno Pro Limited (Electronic Fuel Injection)

M8 162" Sno Pro (Electronic Fuel Injection)

M8 HCR 153" (Electronic Fuel Injection)

ME 162" (Electronic Fuel Injection)

Sno Pro 500

T 570



TZ1 Turbo LXR


Z1 Sno Pro

Z1 Turbo EXT

Z1 Turbo LXR

Z1 Turbo LXR Sno Pro Limited

Z1 Turbo Sno Pro


Utility Side by Side

4X4-1000 Prowler XTZ

4X4-550 Prowler

4X4-700 Prolwer XTX (Power Steering)

4X4-700 Prowler HDX (Power Steering, Camouflage)

4X4-700 Prowler HDX (Power Steering, Tungsten Metallic)

4X4-700 Prowler XTX (Power Steering, Camouflage)

Founded in 1960, Arctic Cat is a North American manufacturer of recreational vehicles. Although the company produces ATVs and Prowlers, they are primarily known for their high performance snowmobiles.