2011 ATK Prices, Values and Specs

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(Model years 2013 - 1985)



ATK 250 Cruiser

ATK 250 Cruiser (Electronic Fuel Injection)

ATK 250 Sport

ATK 250 Sport (Electronic Fuel Injection)

ATK 250 Street (Electronic Fuel Injection)

ATK 650 Cruiser

ATK 650 Cruiser (Electronic Fuel Injection)

ATK 650 Sport

ATK 650 Sport (Electronic Fuel Injection)

ATK 650 Street


ATK 450 Enduro

Founded by Australian engineer Horst Leitner, ATK Motorcycles dates back to the 1980s. The company is named after Leitners invention of the A-Trax, a device responsible for improving handling by terminating chain torque. The American company is known for their off-road motorcycles.