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MOTORCYCLES/ATVS/UTILITY - Due to limited resale market, we are unable to determine used values.

(Model years 2011 - 2005)



Arrow Force Chopper Hardtail

Arrow Force Chopper Softail

Arrow Force Pro Street Hardtail

Arrow Force Pro Street Softail

Big Money Chopper Hardtail

Big Money Chopper Softail

Big Money Pro Street Hardtail

Big Money Pro Street Softail

High Roller Chopper Hardtail

High Roller Chopper Softail

High Roller Pro Street Hardtail

High Roller Pro Street Softail


Nolimit Pro Street Softail

Rock Bottom Chopper Hardtail

Rock Bottom Chopper Softail

Rock Bottom Pro Street Hardtail

Rock Bottom Pro Street Softail

Trycept Hardtail

Trycept Softail

Constructing chopper-style motorcycles at their North Carolina headquarters, Spencer Bowman Customs began creating unique builds in 2005. Boasting large displacement four-stroke engines and six-speed transmissions, motorcycles produced by Spencer Bowman Customs are quite apt to cruising down a street or highway. Spencer Bowman Customs has also produced three-wheeled trikes in addition to two-wheeled motorcycles. Built to specific tastes when new, products created by Spencer Bowman Customs are largely one-of-a-kind.