2009 Kawasaki ATVs Prices and Values

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Kawasaki Note

VINTAGE - 1949 - 1962 Due to the rarity of these years and models of Kawasaki, pricing data is still being collected.

2009 Note

ATV - (*)These models include Hardwoods Green HD.
PERSONAL WATERCRAFT - (*)Includes the value of the trailer.
(Model years 2018 - 1963)


Sport ATV

KSF450B9F KFX 450R
KSF450B9FB KFX 450R Monster Energy Edition

Utility ATV

KLF250A9F Bayou
KSV700A9F KFX 700
KSV700B9F KFX 700
KVF360A9F Prairie (4X4)
KVF360B9F Prairie
KVF360C9F Prairie (4X4, Camouflage)
KVF650D9F Bruteforce (4X4)
KVF650E9F Bruteforce (4X4, Camouflage)
KVF650F9F Bruteforce (4X4i)
KVF650G9F Bruteforce (4X4i, Camouflage)
KVF750D9F Bruteforce (4X4i)
KVF750E9F Bruteforce (4X4i, Camouflage)
KVF750E9FA Bruteforce NRA Outdoors Edition (4X4i, Camouflage)
Founded in 1896, Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. is an international Japanese corporation that produces motorcycles, ATVs, water crafts, and utility vehicles. Their motorcycle brand consist of various sport bikes, cruisers, off-road, and motocross bikes.