2009 Bourget's Bike Works Motorcycles Prices and Values

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Bourget's Bike Works Note

MOTORCYCLES/ATVS/UTILITY - Due to limited resale market, we are unable to determine used values.
(Model years 2013 - 1999)



Cobra Softail
Cobra Steel
Dragon Bobber
Fat Daddy 330 Limo
Fat Daddy 330 Magnum
Fat Daddy 330 Softail
Low Blow 210 Softail
Python 330
Python 330 Chopper
Viper 2 330 With Bolt-On Tank
Founded in 1993, Bourget's Bike Works, Inc. is an American aftermarket motorcycle manufacturer that has earned a reputation for building high quality motorcycles. Known for customer Service BBW Inc. bikes are built to customer specifications, offering a wide range of high performance and unique styling.