2008 Yamaha XV17PCMX/C Road Star Midnight Warrior Options, Equipment, and Prices

Select 2008 Yamaha XV17PCMX/C Road Star Midnight Warrior Options

VINTAGE - 1954 - 1960 Due to the rarity of these years and models of Yamaha, pricing data is still being collected.
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EXTERIOR Suggested
List Price
Chrome Upper Belt Guard $71
Chrome Grips $60
Brushed Billet Handlebar Clamp $71
Warrior Bend Handlebars $76
Double T Fat Bars $161
Flat Bar $66
Billet Stock Handlebar Risers $178
Billet Tall Handlebar Risers $215
Chrome Pulley Nut Covers $17
Chrome Master Cylinder Cover $23
Chrome Fender Stays $215
Inner Fender Eliminator Kit $66
Custom License Frame $50
Billet License Plate Frame $82
Billet Wire Harness Guides $71
Billet Oil Filter Cover $49
Billet Spark Plug End Covers $51
Billet Neutral Switch Cover $28
Billet Starter End Cap Cover $66
Billet Generator Access Cover $30
Billet Alternator Cover $49
Billet Cam Cover Insert $53
Billet Compression Release Cover $60
Billet Cam Cover $89
Billet Rectifer Cover $87
Billet Head Bolt Cover $23
Billet Rear Axle Bolt Cover $42
Billet Front Axle Bolt Cover $39
Billet Fork Stem Nut Cover $25
Billet Fork Cap Cover $46
Billet Fork Tube Cover $194
Aluminum Upper Belt Guard $97
Billet Clutch Cover Insert $103
Billet Frame Insert $90
Billet Pushrod Tube Cover $89
Speedstar™ Air Cleaner Assembly $183
Billet Swingarm Pivot Cover $46
Billet Drive Cover $194
Billet Drive Pulley Case Set $311
Mini Tank Cover $54
Billet Shift Linkage $56
Billet Single Arm Shift Lever $119
Billet Rear Brake Pedal Assembly $151
Mini Rider Floorboards With Rubber Inserts $194
Billet Rider Foot Pegs $135
Billet Passenger Foot Pegs With Rubber Inserts $97
Chrome Passenger Foot Pegs With Rubber Inserts $66
Billet Drive Pulley Cover $94
Billet Handlebar Riser Medium Riser $194
Braided Stainless Steel Cables and Lines $50
Tachometer Cowl $130
Lower Cowl $247
Billet Right Mirror Various Styles $130
Billet Left Mirror Various Styles $130
Mini Fairing Various Colors $375
Boulevard Windshield $183
Comfort Cruise Boulevard Faux Alligator Pillion Pad $237
Comfort Cruise Boulevard Plain Pillion Pad $237
Comfort Cruise Plain Stiletto Seat $375
Comfort Cruise Faux Alligator Stiletto Seat $375
Comfort Cruise Faux Alligator Boulevard Solo Seat $290
Comfort Cruise Plain Boulevard Solo Seat $290
Warrior Cover $124
Expandable Tank Bag $97
Cruiselite™ Saddlebag System $204
Passenger Foot Peg Relocation Kit $66
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