2008 Yamaha XV17ASXS/C Road Star (Silver With Flames) Options, Equipment, and Prices

Select 2008 Yamaha XV17ASXS/C Road Star (Silver With Flames) Options

VINTAGE - 1954 - 1960 Due to the rarity of these years and models of Yamaha, pricing data is still being collected.
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List Price
Chrome Passenger Foot Pegs With Rubber Inserts $66
Billet Alternator Cover $49
Billet Oil Filter Cover $49
License Frames $50
Chrome Master Cylinder Cover $23
Billet Short Handlebar Risers $194
Billet Handlebar Risers $215
Chrome Grips $60
Flat Bar $66
Special Edition Tank Panel With Pocket $114
Special Edition Windshield Panel $66
Billet Rider Floorboard Covers $280
Passenger Floorboards $151
Billet Passenger Floorboards $231
Billet Brake Pedal Cover $50
Billet Air Cleaner Cover $215
Fork Cap Covers $52
Billet Rear Master Cylinder Cover $81
Billet Rear Fender Accents $108
Chrome Metal Fender Tip Rear Of Front Fender $71
Chrome Metal Fender Tip Front Of Front Fender $60
Chrome Metal Fender Tip Rear Fender $87
Star Fender Ornament $100
Front Fender Trim Rail $108
Tour Classic Saddlebag Guards $167
Engine Guards $140
Big Bar Engine Guards $183
Double T Fat Bars $161
Road Star Handlebars $76
Custom Fiberglass Extended Battery Side Covers $167
Custom Fiberglass Extended Front Fender $204
Braided Stainless Steel Cables and Lines $50
Halogen Passing Lamps $119
Sealed Beam Passing Lamps $119
Custom Tri-Bar Halogen Headlight $107
Custom Tri-Bar Passing Lamps $130
Headlight Visor $17
Passing Light Visors $19
Turn Signal Visors $18
Billet Left Mirror Various Styles $130
Billet Right Mirror Various Styles $130
Solid Billet Left Mirror Various Styles $119
Solid Billet Right Mirror Various Styles $119
Solar Bronze Tinted Boulevard Windshield $140
Solar Bronze Tinted Road Star Windshield $275
Silverado Windsheild $354
Clear Lower Wind Deflector $50
Smooth Billet Lower Wind Deflector $130
Ball Milled Billet Lower Wind Deflector $138
Wide Silverado Windshield $387
Custom Studded Backrest Pad $108
Custom Plain Backrest Pad $108
Comfort Cruise Plain Stiletto Leather Seat $322
Comfort Cruise Plain Solo Leather Seat $375
Comfort Cruise Studded Solo Leather Seat With Skirt and Conchos $375
Comfort Cruise Boulevard Solo Faux Ostrich Leather Seat $268
Seat Rail $161
Comfort Cruise Long Plain Passenger Pillion Pad $237
Comfort Cruise Long Studded Passenger Pillion Pad $237
Comfort Cruise Tour Plain Passenger Pillion Pad $322
Comfort Cruise Tour Studded Passenger Pillion Pad $322
Comfort Cruise Boulevard Faux Ostrich Passenger Pillion Pad $237
Deluxe Backrest Pad $60
Chrome Instrument Visor $56
Expandable Tank Bag $97
Rear Fender Rack $108
Primer Road Star Hard Saddlebags $930
Hard Saddlebag Liners $87
Plain Silverado Saddlebags $788
Studded Silverado Saddlebags $788
Special Edition Saddlebags $826
Plain Tour Classic Saddlebags $804
Studded Tour Classic Saddlebags $879
Saddlebag Rain Covers $33
Plain Classic Tour Trunks $440
Studded Classic Tour Trunks $461
Plain Cruiselite™ Classic Saddlebags $209
Studded Cruiselite™ Classic Saddlebags $215
Plain Saddlebags $297
Fringed Saddlebags $344
Studded Saddlebags $344
Plain Leather Tool Bag $54
Fringed Leather Tool Bag $66
Studded Leather Tool Bag $66
Plain Leather Backrest Bag $76
Fringed Leather Backrest Bag $80
Studded Leather Backrest Bag $89
Plain Leather Windsheild Bag $66
Studded Leather Windsheild Bag $66
Plain Leather Tail Bag $209
Studded Leather Tail Bag $215
Expandable Custom Cover $135
Dust Cover $76
Rear Luggage Rack $114
Windshield Mounting Hardware $108
Lower Deflector Mounting Hardware $117
Silverado® Saddlebag Mounting Hardware $151
Tour Classic® Saddlebag Support Bars $178
Saddlebag Support Bars $100
Passenger Floorboard Mounts $76
Deluxe Backrest Side Arms $183
Deluxe Tall Backrest Upright $156
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