2008 California Customs Prices, Values and Specs

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California Customs Note

MOTORCYCLES/ATVS/UTILITY - Due to limited resale market, we are unable to determine used values.
(Model years 2011 - 1999)



Bagfather 250
Big Daddy
Bobfather Rigid
Bobfather Softail
Eliminator S/S
Eliminator S/S 250
Intimidator R/S
Intimidator S/S
King Daddy
Nomad Convertible R/S
Nomad II
Retro Rockitt 200
Retro Rockitt 250
Terminator R/S
Terminator S/S
Terminator S/S 250
The Big Gun
The Bob Job Rigid
The Bob Job Softail
The Frisco
The Gun
The Killer 300
Violator R/T 180
Violator R/T 250
California Customs transitioned from a custom builder to a recognized motorcycle manufacturer in 1997. Providing a wide assortment of customer-specific add-ons, some motorcycles produced by California Customs have collected award-winning praise. Selling hand-built motorized creations, California Customs come ordered through a limited number of licensed dealers.