2007 Polaris Indy Trail Tour Deluxe Options, Equipment, and Prices

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MOTORCYCLES/ATVS/UTILITY - For further information on victory, see listing under victory motorcycles.
SNOWMOBILES - Manufacturer will not release missing dry weight information. Contact manufacturer for missing dry weight specifications.
PERSONAL WATERCRAFT - No longer in production.
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Driveline Suggested
List Price
Signature Carbide Studs (96 Pack 1.0) $130
EDGE Colored Saddleless Skis (Pair) $260
Accu-Trak™ Dual Carbide Skag $50
Colored Hood Vents $40
EDGE Colored Extreme Skid Plate $80
EDGE Colored Front Bumper Kits $50
15-Inch Mid-Sized Touring Windshield With Graphics $90
Folding Rearview Mirrors $60
2-Up Touring Modular Adjustable Backrest $200
Electronic Security Device $97
Handheld GPS Multi-Navigator $400
Touring Modular Side Racks $200
Touring Modular Large Rear Cargo Rack $150
EDGE Touring Modular Hard-Sided Trunk Cover $150
Touring Modular Small Cargo Rack Bag $100
EDGE 2-Up Touring Cover $155
Ballistic Nylon Deluxe Windshield Bag $35
Touring Modular Large Cargo Rack Bag $150
EDGE Touring Modular Small Rear Cargo Rack $130
Touring Modular Nylon Side Rack Bag $130
Deluxe Tank Map Trunk Bag $80
Touring Semi-Rigid Bags (Left Side) $75
Touring Semi-Rigid Bags (Right Side) $75
Touring Hard Sided Saddle Bags (Left Side) $110
Touring Hard Sided Saddle Bags (Right Side) $110
2-Up Rear Cargo Bag $60
Touring Modular Touring Trunk Base Kit $100
Receiver Swivel Hitch $100
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