2006 Yamaha XV250V/C Virago Options, Equipment, and Prices

Select 2006 Yamaha XV250V/C Virago Options

VINTAGE - 1954 - 1960 Due to the rarity of these years and models of Yamaha, pricing data is still being collected.
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EXTERIOR Suggested
List Price
Leather Clutch and Brake Lever Covers $7
Turnsignal Visors $30
Retaining Ring $21
Headlight Visor $18
Windshield Mounting Hardware $44
Custom Sport Windshield $50
Windshield Mounting Hardware $45
Classic V-Windshield $135
Luggage Rack $85
Fringed Classic Deluxe Saddlebags $350
Studded Classic Deluxe Saddlebags $380
Plain Classic Deluxe Saddlebags $320
Studded Classic Saddlebags $320
Plain Classic Saddlebags $276
Fringed Classic Saddlebags $320
Plain Slant Saddlebags $300
Fringed Slant Saddlebags $330
Studded Slant Saddlebags $360
Plain Star Slant Saddlebags $345
Fringed Star Slant Saddlebags $380
Studded Star Slant Saddlebags $390
Yamaha Expandable Nylon Tank Bag $93
Yamaha Expandable Fibertech™ Tank Bag $93
Motorcycle Cover $50
Plain Leather Windshield Bag $60
Studded Leather Windshield Bag $60
Plain Cruiselite(TM) Classic Throw Over Saddlebags $195
Studded Cruiselite(TM) Classic Throw Over Saddlebags $200
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