2005 Ski-Doo Legend GT V-1000 Sport Options, Equipment, and Prices

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List Price
Engine Heater Kit $58
J Hooks Various Colors $22
Snowguard Various Colors $47
Black 440 Racer Grips $41
Full Body Skid Plate $92
Nylon Shock Protectors $19
Precision(TM) Ski Set Various Colors $130
Mountain Ski Set Various Colors $130
Ski Handle Set Various Colors $25
Black Flex Ski Set $120
Viper Red Flex Ski Set $59
Yellow Flex Ski Set $120
Scarlet Red Flex Ski Set $59
Black Ski Handle Set $27
Full Moon Ski Handle Set $27
Mountain Bridge and Fastener Kit $68
Precision Bridge and Fastener Kit $140
Flex Bridge and Fastener Kit $132
Proactive Control System $22
First Aid Kit $24
12 Volt Power Outlet $20
Handlebar Muffs $18
Electric Fuel Gauge $140
Electric Temperature Gauge $108
SnoGear Cover $125
Black Leatherette Grand Touring Rack Bag $96
Black 40-lt. Canvas Grand Touring Rack Bag $89
Black Luggage Rack Bag $70
Canvas Cover $185
Black Vinyl Mapholder $25
Compact Cover $54
15-Lt. Backrest Bag $62
SnoGear Tank Bag $37
Black 26-lt SnoGear Saddlebag $62
Black 40-lt SnoGear Combo Bag $90
Black SnoGear Windshield Bag $15
Hook-Type Hitch $55
Tongue Type Hitch $70
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