2005 Apollo Choppers Motorcycles Prices and Values

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Apollo Choppers Note

MOTORCYCLES/ATVS/UTILITY - Due to limited resale market, we are unable to determine used values.

(Model years 2017 - 2004)



BVT100 Knucklehead

BVT100 Panhead

BVT124 Hardtail

BVT124 Softail

BVT136 Softail

BVT88 Hardtail

BVT88 Softail

BVT96 Hardtail

BVT96 Softail

Street Dragster RX100

Street Dragster RX124

Street Dragster RX88

Street Dragster RX91


An American motorcycle manufacturer, Apollo Choppers II, LLC is known for their hand-made motorcycles. They specialize in custom, hand-crafted road bikes. Their paint department offers custom graphic work, taking their uniqueness above and beyond.