2004 Arctic Cat Bearcat 570 Options, Equipment, and Prices.

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Note: SNOWMOBILES - Manufacturer will not release missing dry weight information. Contact manufacturer for missing dry weight specifications.
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List Price
Tether Switch $25
Electric Start Kit $450
Tracks in Select Sizes $500
Recoil Handle $4
Ski Handles $20
Handle Balls $25
13-Gallon Tank Pad $40
Handlebar Grips $13
Parabolic Ski Kit with 4-in. Carbides $300
Parabolic Ski Bottom with 4-in. Carbides $190
Headlight Lens Cover $30
Blow-Molded Skis with 4-in. Carbides $230
Hood Screen Kits $43
Acerbis Hand Guards $30
Arctic Cat Hand Guards $35
Simmons Flexi-Ski® Ski $390
Plastic Ski Kit with 4-in. Carbides $300
Replacement Ski Bottoms $190
Wear Strips $17
Custom Low Windshield $80
Flame Series Low Windshield $85
Flame Series Mid Windshield $85
Chrome Low Windscreen $100
Flyscreen $40
Hood-Mounted Mirrors, Short Stem Right $35
Hood-Mounted Mirrors, Short Stem Left $35
Hood-Mounted Mirrors, Long Stem Left $35
Hood-Mounted Mirrors, Long Stem Right $35
Quick Release Mirror Right or Left Side $22
Teardrop Mirror $35
Windshield Mounted Mirrors, Pair $70
Windshield Mounted Mirrors, Single $35
Handlebar Muffs $40
Throttle Lock $35
Kryptonite® Security Cables $50
5.63-in. Skid Wheels $19
7.12-in. Skid Wheels $22
8.00-in. Skid Wheels $24
6.38-in. Skid Wheels $20
Survival Day Pack $60
Tank Bag with Map Holder $70
Windshield Flair Bag $40
Universal 2-Up Cover $90
2-Up Storage Cover $70
Luggage Rack Bag $110
Bearcat Gear Bag $150
570 LT Bearcat Cover $160
Hand Guard Mounts $30
Tow Rope $10
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