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Motor-Piper Note

VINTAGE - 1905-1934 Due to the rarity of these years and models of BSA, pricing data is still being collected. BSA production ceased in 1973. It is not usual to find a BSA motorcycle titled and registered in the United States as a post 1973 model. This is due to these models being titled and licensed as the year it was registered. Gold Star note: add 10% for rrt (close ratio) gearbox-all models of Gold Star. Within the Gold Star model line, there were several options that will affect the final value such as frame types, transmission ratios, wheel sizes, brake types, carb types, clip ons, etc. Consult a BSA buyers guide to help you make a determination of correctness.

(Model years 1955 - 1940)






Motor-Piper motorcycles were first produced in 1940. Built through the course of World War 2, Motor-Piper were lightweight motorcycles powered by small engines. The production of Motor-Piper products ended after the 1955 model year.