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Brough Superior Note

VINTAGE - 1921-1940 Due to the rarity of these and other years and models of Brough Superior, pricing data is still being collected. These are approximate pricing guidelines due to the fact that Brough Superior used several outside suppliers causing variations within a model line and were often built to the buyers specifications. When considering a Brough Superior purchase try to obtain as much English or American owner history on that particular motorcycle as you can. The most important item you can obtain is the "factory works card" or simply the "build sheet". This will help verify the sellers claims on the motorcycle's authenticity plus guarantee that it is factory produced and not one assembled from spare parts. Additional pricing guidelines: add $3000 for the optional b&d sprung frame all years. deduct 25-40% for an assembled non-factory built, non-numbers matching motorcycle all years. Brough superior factory was converted to war production in 1939. Post war production was planned but never realized.
(Model years 1939 - 1921)

MODEL 1150 TWIN 1150cc SV JAP
Known as the "Rolls-Royce of Motorcycles," Brough Superior is a British motorcycle manufacturer, founded in 1919, and although the company ceased to exist in 1940, Brough Superior motorcycles are still widely sought after as collectors items.