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VINTAGE - There are many options that may affect the final value on Indian motorcycles. These include multi-speed transmissions, clutch assembly, electronics,engine options, dual brakes, side cars, etc. Consult one or more of the helpful Indian buyers guides available to help with the identification of these models and options. As you use this price guide for Indian motorcycles, please keep in mind that some values indicated are based on the limited pricing data available. Your comments on the Indian motorcycle values shown are very much welcomed. All Indian models after 1919 are twin cylinder unless indicated.

(Model years 1939 - 1921)

MODEL 976 TWIN 976cc JAP
MODEL 984 TWIN 984cc JAP
Known as the "Rolls-Royce of Motorcycles," Brough Superior is a British motorcycle manufacturer, founded in 1919, and although the company ceased to exist in 1940, Brough Superior motorcycles are still widely sought after as collectors items.