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Automotive Incentives and Rebates for May Give Consumers Largest Savings to Date, the leading provider of pricing information and market research for new and used cars, classics, RVs, motorcycles and boats, today identified the auto industry's most aggressive new car incentives and rebates that are sure to put dollars back in the pockets of consumers. The list was developed using's Incentives and Rebates Tool, giving consumers the most comprehensive and real-time data on the most impressive car deals out there. Auto dealers are now offering cash back and low rates on financing for many popular models, as well as spectacular lease signing deals and special promotions. Chevy, Ford, Honda and Toyota are standouts for May with generous deals of up to $6,500 cash back or 0% up to 72 months on new car purchases. Honda's highly publicized and popular "The Really Big Thing" sales event continues to be one of the most talked about programs in the auto industry as Honda's never before offered $0 down payment, $0 security deposit, $0 first month's payment and $0 due at lease signing.

"The incentives and rebates being offered for May are the most substantial to date. Consumers are walking away with groundbreaking deals and cash back offers," said Mike Caudill, auto expert. "Over the past year, auto makers have worked diligently to develop new incentives and rebates programs that will excite the consumer and entice them to shop the dealer lots. Armed with the right information, consumers can find fantastic deals on new cars."

For May, Chevrolet is a frontrunner with incentives and rebates on nearly the entire model line, including $6,500 cash back on the highly popular 2009 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab. Toyota, Honda and Ford are also offering low APRs and big cash back on popular models. The industry is currently full of deals from just about every automaker. To get the most up-to-date information on these rebates, visit for more incentive and rebate details.  

The top incentives and rebates for May are:




2010 Accord – Special Lease: $250/month


$0 down payment, $0 first-month payment, $0 security deposit,


$0 due at signing





2009 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab/GMC Sierra Crew Cab – MSRP: $30,040


$6500 or 0.0% / 60 months





2010 Ranger - MSRP: $17,820


$3500 or 0.0% / 72 months or $1000 and 0.0% / 36 months





2010 Jeep Commander – MSRP: $4,500


$4500 or 0.0% / 60 months





2010 Avalon - MSRP: $27,945


$3000 OR 0.0% for up to 60 months



To find more incentives and rebates, head over to the Incentives and Rebates Tool.