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11/09/2011 - Greer's OC
Love Dodge Durango! [ ]->

Costa Mesa-based NADAguides recently named the 2011 Dodge Durango as November Car of the Month....

09/23/2011 - Fox Business News
Five Red Flags That Signal a Used Car-Buying Scam [ ]->

09/14/2011 - Torque News
Shortage of Used Vehicles Traces Back to the Collapse of Lehman Brothers [ ]->

Beginning this week, there will be a major shortage of late model used cars according to a report in Automotive News (subscription only). The cause of the shortage is rooted in the economic crash that occurred with the collapse of Lehman Brothers three years ago. Sales of new cars, an important economic factor, were effected by the collapse of the investment house.

09/07/2011 - MarketWatch
Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC Adds Experian Automotive's AutoCheck® as a Vehicle History Repo [ ]->

Addition of AutoCheck allows Jaguar and Land Rover automotive retailers to choose the vehicle history report that best meets their needs

08/30/2011 - MarketWatch
New Vehicle Loans for Subprime Consumers Increase by 22.4 Percent in Q2 2011, According to Experian [ ]->

Average credit scores continue to decrease, and at-risk auto loans drop by $4.1 billion

08/25/2011 -
Alternatives for Hard to Find Cars [ ]->

While we’re headed into the traditional end-of-the-model-year clearance time, a few new cars that are both in short supply and great demand can still command close to full sticker price, assuming a dealer still has them in stock. Those that might still be lingering on showroom floors may be loaded up beyond reason with high-cost options and/or finished in the most unpopular colors (with discounts still not forthcoming at that).

07/29/2011 - Chrysler
Chrysler 300 Press Comparisons [ ]->

07/15/2011 -
Wheel, Deal on a Gas-Sipping Used Car [ ]->

While prices for used cars in general are at the highest they've been in years, prices for small, fuel-efficient cars and hybrids are especially high.

05/31/2011 - Chicago Tribune
Is it a good idea to lease? [ ]->

Know your options when the contract on your vehicle ends

05/16/2011 - KTLA
KTLA-Chevrolet Cruze & Toyota Prius- Best Car Buys 2011 [ ]->

Gayle Anderson had suggestions from NADAguides for cars that can definitely save you money on gas.

03/25/2011 - ABC News
Cost-effective, fuel-efficient non-hybrid cars with Ric Romero [ ]->

With high gas prices consumers are once again looking to buy fuel efficient vehicles. And with the economy still struggling, those same consumers want cost-efficient cars too.