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Manufactured Home Value Reports

How can I find the value of my Manufactured Home?

Obtaining an accurate value from our automated Manufactured Housing Online Request Form is quick and easy. Simply go to Manufactured Homes Page and follow these steps: (1) Click "Get a Value"; (2) Complete the brief questionnaire regarding the subject home, and then click "Continue"; (3) Enter your billing information, read the disclaimer, and then click "Submit"; (4) You will receive a confirmation that the transaction was completed and below, you will see a button that reads, "View Value Report". Click on the "View Value Report" button to instantly view and print your value report.

As an alternative to our Manufactured Housing Online Request Form, you may choose to use either the Fax/Mail or Appraiser versions of our Manufactured Housing Book Value Report Request Forms (also found on our Manufactured Homes Page). These are printable forms that you complete and either fax, mail, or email to us, and then we process your value request and send you a value report by the delivery method of your choice.

What is the Manufactured Home Guide Book Value?
The guide book value of a manufactured home is much different than what most people think it is. The majority of people looking for the value of their manufactured, mobile, or modular home are searching for a similar value to what they would find in a car value; the value of what it would sell for based on many sale transactions. This is not what a manufactured home book value represents, and to our knowledge, one like that does not exist.

The guide book value for a manufactured, mobile, or modular home is considered a Depreciated Replacement Cost in Retail Dollars. The values represented in NADAguides Manufactured Housing CONNECT are intended to be used as a guideline only.

What is a Depreciated Replacement Cost in Retail Dollars?
By definition, the Depreciated Replacement Cost is the cost to replace an item, less accrued depreciation. Factory-built homes do not always depreciate; with this knowledge, our methodology allows for either appreciation or depreciation, depending on the current market.
When is the Manufactured Home Guide Book Value used?
There are many uses for the guide book value. Many financial companies, insurance companies, state and local governments, dealers, investors, appraisers, etc. use the guide book value in their daily business.
Can I use the Manufactured Home Value Report information as a consumer?
Definitely! The valuable information can be used to get a general idea of the value of your home based on its manufacturer, model, year, size, and features. Keep in mind that the local market dictates how much the manufactured, mobile, or modular home will sell for; it may actually sell for much higher or much lower. Only a certified/licensed appraiser can estimate what a specific home is worth by inspecting the home and its features and upgrades, and then making local market adjustments.
What is the Value Request in the "Are you an Appraiser?" section of the Manufactured Homes page?
NADAguides Manufactured Housing CONNECT is an approved cost approach for certified/licensed appraisers (approved by HUD FHA Title 1, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and recognized by VA). The form found in the “Are you an Appraiser?” section will ask more detailed and in-depth questions about the subject home; typically, it is much more detailed than the general public will need.
My home has many more items than listed on the Manufactured Housing Online Request Form. How do I add for items such as room additions, garages, driveways, etc?
Due to the complex nature of a home, many of the items get quite technical in nature. We’ve limited the Manufactured Housing Online Request Form to some of the most common items. For a more in-depth list, NADAguides Manufactured Housing CONNECT can be purchased; simply select Product Store.
Why does the Manufactured Housing Online Request Form only allow me to enter one width and one length?
Due to the complex nature of a home, we’ve limited the Manufactured Housing Online Request Form to the most basic and common widths and lengths. For a more in-depth listing including off-set, tag-a-long, H-shape, two-story homes, etc., NADAguides Manufactured Housing CONNECT can be purchased; simply select Product Store.
How will I receive my Manufactured Home Value Report?
Value reports are accessible by clicking on the yellow "View Value Report" button from the confirmation page. Additionally, an email will be sent from containing a link to the value report. Value reports will be accessible through this link for six months.
How do I become a certified Manufactured Housing Appraiser?
For information, go to the Manufactured Homes Research Center and select Become a Certified Appraiser. While visiting, you can also obtain a free insurance quote, access current finance/loan rates, and much more! Simply visit the Manufactured Homes Research Center.
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