1991 Isuzu Value and Prices

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(Model years 1997 - 1981)

Amigo XS

Utility 4wd

Impulse XS

3 Door Coupe

Stylus S

4 Door Sedan

Stylus XS

4 Door Sedan

Trooper LS

Utility 4 Door 4wd

Trooper S

Utility 4 Door 4wd

Trooper SE

Utility 4 Door 4wd

Trooper XS

Utility 4 Door 4wd

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Isuzu is a Japanese based company that was founded in 1937. Its once diverse lineup of vehicles has since given way to a focus on SUVs and trucks. The company is known worldwide for its rugged commercial vehicles and durable engine designs, which continue to be translated to its everyday consumer models.