1976 Ford Value and Prices

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For Saleen XP8, Saleen Explorer, and Saleen Ranger models, please see "Saleen Sportruck" listing.

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For Saleen Mustang models, see "Saleen" listing. For 2006-2009 Mustang Shelby models, see "Shelby Automobiles Inc."

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(*) Creme and gold luxury group; Bordeaux luxury group; Lipstick luxury group.
(Model years 2006 - 1926)


1/2 Ton Pickup

Gran Torino Brougham Formal

2 Door Hardtop

Gran Torino Brougham Pillard

4 Door Hardtop

Gran Torino Formal

2 Door Hardtop

Gran Torino Pillard

4 Door Hardtop

Gran Torino Squire

4 Door Station Wagon

Granada Ghia

2 Door Sedan
4 Door Sedan

Mustang II Ghia

2 Door Hardtop

Mustang II Mach 1

3 Door Fastback

Ranchero 500


Ranchero GT


Ranchero Squire


Torino Formal

2 Door Hardtop

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One of the earliest car makers in the world, Ford was founded in Dearborn, Michigan in 1903 by Henry Ford. Poised to evolve with constantly changing consumer demands, Ford offers vehicles with a variety of engine sizes, seating configurations and transmissions as well as hybrid gasoline-electric powertrains.