1965 Chevrolet Biscayne 2 Door Sedan Prices and Specs

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Option note: Only select engines/options below that are in addition to standard equipment and equipment noted in the manufacturer or year notes shown above. Model names may show standard engine sizes in parenthesis such as "2 Door Sedan (440)"

327/300 HP V8 Engine
327/350 HP V8 Engine
327/365 HP V8 Engine
327/375 HP V8 Engine F/i
396/325 HP V8 ENG
396/425 HP V8 Engine
4 Cylinder Engine
4 Speed Transmission
409/340 HP V8 Engine
6 Cylinder Engine
Corvair 164-140 HP Engine
Corvair Turbocharger
Corvette Air Conditioning
Corvette Both Tops
Corvette Leather Interior
Corvette Side Exhaust
Corvette Teakwood Steer Wheel
Corvette Telescopic Steering
Factory Air Conditioning
Nova Super Sport Package
Orig Corvette Knock Off Wheels
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