Saturn SW RHD Models and SW RHD History

Prepared specifically for the United States Postal Service, a right-hand drive version of the Saturn SW was sold between 1999 and 2001. Also referred to as the Saturn Postal Wagon or SWP, the SW RHD provided an economical solution with plenty of cargo room. Besides the driver being located on the opposite side to other North American automobiles, the Saturn SW RHD model maintained much of the conventional wagon's equipment including the brand's trademark dent-resistant polymer body panels. Offered only in a single trim level for all three years of availability, the Saturn fleet wagon came with a 1.9-liter dual overhead cam engine generating 124 horsepower while producing excellent fuel economy. Along with the inclusion of air conditioning, power windows, security system along with AM/FM stereo as standard equipment, the 1999 Saturn SW RHD also featured a driver's seat with adjustable cushion height and lumbar support. Options available on the SW RHD model included cruise controls, roof rack and anti-lock braking system. With the rear seats folded, up to 58.2 cubic feet of cargo room inside the wagon functioned well for postal duties.

New and Used SW RHD Prices, Saturn SW RHD Model Years and History

A commercial version of the popular wagon, the 2001 Saturn SW RHD is a right-hand drive vehicle design for the postal service.
A right-hand drive station wagon, the 2000 Saturn SW RHD is a commercial vehicle designed for use with the US Postal Service.
The 1999 Saturn SW RHD is a right-hand drive compact station wagon that is sold for commercial/government purposes such as for use with the US Postal Service.