Saturn SC 3dr Models and SC 3dr History

For 1999, the Saturn SC lineup added an innovative and practical feature that was uncommon among typical sport coupes. Instead of a two-door sport coupe, Saturn debuted a three-door version of the SC compact coupe. Located on the driver's side, the suicide-style opening third door was created for rear passenger entry as well as access for placing cargo in the cabin. The use of the third door depended upon opening the front driver's door. The 1999 Saturn SC three-door coupe arrived as a 100-horsepower SC1 model or an SC2 variant powered by a 124 horsepower engine. Both versions of the compact coupe provided preppy acceleration as well as impressive fuel economy. Offered as a companion to the two-door Saturn SC in 1999, the three-door configuration became standard on all models for 2000. For the 2001 model, a series of exterior and interior styling refinements also added some ergonomic improvements to the Saturn SC line. The SC 3-door was replaced by the 2003 Saturn ION that featured a Quad Coupe configuration with rear entry doors on both sides.

New and Used SC 3dr Prices, Saturn SC 3dr Model Years and History

The 2002 Saturn SC is a sporty, four-passenger compact car that has an impressive highway fuel economy rating of 40 mpg.
The 2001 Saturn SC 3dr is a sporty compact three-door car that seats four passengers and is capable of a very impressive 40 mpg on the highway.
A compact and affordable hatchback, the 2000 Saturn SC 3dr seats four passengers, boasts sporty styling and is rated at 40 mpg on the highway.
A three-door coupe with sporty good looks, the 1999 Saturn SC 3dr seats four passengers and has an easy to enter and exit rear seat thanks to the unique third door.