Nissan 350Z Models and 350Z History

Following six years from its discontinuation, the 350Z was revived once again in 2003, offering supreme handling, plenty of zip in the engine and signature luxury and technology features. The 2004 350z saw the addition of the roadster model with a top-down option. A new tire pressure monitoring system, improved clutch, updated GPS system and 35th Anniversary edition (with special wheels, badging, Brembo brakes, spoilers and two-toned leather) enticed buyers for 2005.

The 2006 350Z model year saw the horsepower jump to 300, alongside the introduction of larger rotors. All trim levels were updated for this model year with added performance options. A sexier and redesigned hood greeted buyers in 2007, offering an improved automatic transmission system, side impact airbags and Bluetooth integration. 2008 would see no major changes, with the model line being discontinued and replaced by the 370Z in 2009.

New and Used 350Z Prices, Nissan 350Z Model Years and History

As either a two-seat coupe or a convertible, the 2009 Nissan 350Z sports car is a high-performance ride at a low-pocketbook price.
The 2008 Nissan 350Z is a RWD two-door sports car available as a coupe or convertible and is a true driver's car that is powered by a 306 hp 3.5L V6.
The 3.5L V6 engine has been updated on the two-door 2007 Nissan 350Z sports car, available as a coupe or convertible, and now produces 306 hp.
A two-door sports car, the 2006 Nissan 350Z is available as a coupe or soft-top convertible and is powered by a 3.5L V6 which makes 287 hp with the five-speed automatic or 300 hp when paired with the six-speed manual transmission.
The 2005 Nissan 350Z is a two-door, two-passenger sports car available as a coupe or convertible and the power comes from Nissan's renowned 3.5L V6 engine.
A two-passenger compact sports car, the 2004 Nissan 350Z is available as a coupe or all-new for the model year is the introduction of a convertible Roadster version.
The iconic Z sports car is back in the form of the all-new 2003 Nissan 350Z, a two-door, two-passenger RWD performer that is available as a coupe or convertible.