Concept-Nissan Intima Preview

  • Luxury 4-door sedan

  • Hints at a future Nissan Maxima or Infiniti Q45 replacement

  • Individual bucket seats

  • Indirect cabin illumination

  • Four-zone intelligent cabin climate control

  • Expansive glass roof

  • Front passenger seat swivels 80 degrees to welcome passengers

  • Utilizes Nissan Safety Shield features


The 2007 Tokyo Motor Show is the stage for Nissan's introduction of the Intima Concept. Unlike many concept vehicles with stylistic attributes, the sheetmetal on the Nissan Intima appears nearly ready for production. This leads many to believe the Intima Concept may be the preview of a luxurious Nissan Maxima, or the Infiniti Q45 replacement in the not-too-distant future.


Nissan says the Intima is targeted towards "consumers with a sophisticated, discerning eye for beauty-who enjoy spending time in refined elegance and comfort, whether traveling alone or with a partner."The exterior of the sleek 4-door sedan features a traditional three-pillar roofline, with an expansive glass roof flowing back from the swept windshield. Sharp-edged lines are combined with "organic panel surfaces" to create a balance "based on the ideas of relaxation and comfort," according to Nissan. The front and rear lamps appear crystal-like, and the wheels offer a bright finish.

The interior of the Intima Concept is based on Nissan's Modern Living Concept. Nissan says this concept "combines attractive design, hospitality, relaxation and high quality with high levels of functionality and advanced technology."Passengers enter the interior of the Intima through four doors: The back doors are unconventionally hinged at the rear for easier access to the individually sculpted bucket seats. The front passenger seat is designed to swivel approximately 80 degrees to the outside to "welcome and escort a passenger into the car." The driver is faced with an instrument panel immediately in front of the steering wheel that displays three large circular gauges, each containing a smaller circular gauge within. The center console appears to float between the driver and front passenger with audio and climate controls on its illuminated flat surface. A multifunction widescreen display sits up high on the soft-grained dashboard for better visibility.


The Nissan Intima features several new technologies. Cabin illumination is provided by indirect lighting, which Nissan says is calculated to "orchestrate a sense of soothing relaxation in the Intima interior." The instrument panel, center console, door trim, ceiling, and door grips feature a blue-green acrylic material that casts this soft light throughout the interior. The interior cabin atmosphere is controlled by a 4-zone intelligent air conditioning system. The individual temperature of each seating position is monitored by infrared sensors, while air quality is maintained by a natural grape seed polyphenol filter designed to neutralize pollen and other allergens. The Intima's safety systems are based on Nissan's Safety Shield concept: an initiative to reduce by 50 percent the number of fatal and serious accidents involving Nissan vehicles in Japan by 2015. Around View Monitor and Distance Control Assist System (DCAS) are two noted Nissan safety technologies found on the Intima concept.


While specific engine details have not been released, Nissan states the Intima is powered by an environmentally friendly 6-cylinder diesel engine. Designed to be "in harmony with the Intima's relaxing, high quality interior," the new-generation powerplant promises clean and quiet operation with enhanced fuel efficiency.