Lotus Elise Models and Elise History

In 2008, Lotus teased sports car lovers by debuting the Elise SC, a supercharged Elise that could make 218 horsepower (versus the standard 189 horsepower regular model). The car featured a brand new trip computer, updated option packages and minor tweaks to the interior setup. In 2009, Lotus announced the Jim Clark Type 25 Elise SC limited edition, available only for that model year. The 2010 Elise offered a brand-new Performance Value package that offered a laundry list of new amenities and features for an added cost, but discounted against what it would cost to add each option by itself. Aside from subtle interior and exterior style updates, the 2011 Elise was unchanged, save for the announcement of the Roger Becker special-edition model.

New and Used Elise Prices, Lotus Elise Model Years and History

Built to the exacting British sports car standards, the 2011 Lotus Elise uses superior handling and very lightweight to challenge other high-performance rivals.
A luxury sports car, the 2010 Lotus Elise has minor changes to the exterior to help with its aerodynamics and increase fuel economy.
A two-seat convertible sports car, the 2009 Lotus Elise boasts a high-performing supercharged engine as well as stylish design cues.
A two-door sports car with a removable roof panel that is purpose built to be an exceptional track car as well as a street car, the 2008 Lotus Elise is now available in two new trims; the SC and the California.