INFINITI M35h Models and M35h History

The Infiniti M35h debuted in 2012 featuring the combination of gasoline and electric propulsion in order to present luxury sedan buyers an experience of eight-cylinder performance with the fuel economy equivalent to a four-cylinder vehicle. A third powertrain option for the Infiniti's M sedan line-up, the hybrid-powered model combined a 3.5-liter V-6 engine with a 50kW electric motor. Obtaining a combined output of 360 horsepower, the Infiniti M35h fuel economy in highway driving was rated at 32 miles per gallon. Through clever packaging, Infiniti continued to offer 11.3 cubic feet of cargo room. Five passenger cabin comfort inside the M35h was bolstered through leather seating, 10-way power seats, Bluetooth connectivity and Active Noise Control. When operating in all-electric mode, the Infiniti M35h's Vehicle Sound for Pedestrians would emit a warning noise when the sedan moved at slower speeds to alert surrounding foot traffic and especially sight impaired individuals. For 2014, the M35h was rebranded as the Q70h but featured the same hybrid gasoline/electric powertrain.

New and Used M35h Prices, INFINITI M35h Model Years and History

Largely unchanged for 2013, the Infiniti M35h is a hybrid luxury sedan capable of achieving up to 32 mpg highway.
Based on the radically redesigned Infiniti M sedan, the hybrid version 2012 M35h sedan for the Japanese luxury brand prides itself with producing four-cylinder fuel economy the eight-cylinder performance.