Hummer Hummer Models and Hummer History

In the 1970s, AM General won a massive contract with the United States military in providing a general-purpose four-wheel drive vehicle called the HMMWV (High Mobility Wheeled Vehicle) or Humvee. Capable of extreme four-wheel driving, the Hummer gained celebrity-like recognition among the citizen population. In 1992, this vehicle specifically built for military purposes was adapted for civilian sales and would be known as the Hummer.

The four-wheel drive utility vehicle came in a four body styles consisting of a two-door pickup truck, four-door wagon as well as a hardtop and soft-top model called a sport utility truck or SUT. 16 inches of ground clearance combined with the 1998 Hummers design allowed the vehicle to accomplish some extreme off-roading feats. Able to achieve high approach and departure angles few other sport utility vehicles could, the 1998 Hummers abilities included climb over a 22-inch object or drive through 30 inches of water. Equipped with popular feature called the Central Tire Inflation System, tire pressures could be adjusted inside the Hummers cabin at the press of a button. Engine power for the 1998 Hummer offered a choice of diesel powerplants. A maximum 430 pound-feet of torque obtainable from the 6.5-liter turbocharged diesel V-8 engine that is supplied by General Motors.

Four-wheel disc brakes, air conditioning, power windows and AM/FM stereo system with cassette player were standard features included on the 1998 Hummer. In 2002 under General Motors, the Hummer brand expanded to include a citizen-focused model called the H2. Following the 2001 model year, the military-bred model simply known as the Hummer was rebranded as the H1.

New and Used Hummer Prices, Hummer Hummer Model Years and History

A superior off-road vehicle with military roots, the 2001 Hummer doesn't provide superior gas mileage but this super-sized SUV will never let any off-roader down.
A true gas guzzler, the 2000 Hummer is a large SUV noted for its superior off-road capabilities that stem from its military roots.
A direct descendant of a multi-purpose military vehicle designed for toughness and versatility, the 1999 Hummer acquaints itself as an unique luxury sport utility vehicle.
A military-bred off-road vehicle, the 1998 Hummer H1 has a truly distinct body style and features heavy duty 4WD.