Honda S2000 Models and S2000 History

For the dawn of a new century, Honda created some excitement in their product line-up with an all-new sports car. A two-seat roadster, the Honda S2000 paid homage to the S500, S600 and S800 roadsters sold during the 1960s. Mindfully created for great handling balance with an emphasis on 50:50 weight distribution, the rear-wheel drive sports car quickly gained acceptance as an ambitious performer on the streets. With the engine size relayed in the S2000 name, the Honda roadster with propelled by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder powerplant that produced 240 horsepower. A six-speed manual transmission was offered as the only gearbox for driving the Honda S2000. At the rear, a Torsen limited-slip differential gave the car an added assurance of traction. The standard soft-top convertible roof was electrically operated on the roadster. Starting in 2001, buyers of the S2000 could also choose an aluminum hardtop added aesthetics. The 2004 model year delivered a significant number of changes to the S2000. While the 2004 Honda S2000 offered revised styling that included new headlights housings and LED taillights, considerable work went into enhancing the mechanical elements. Suspension was completely altered for provide better handling delivered from the new tires on 17-inch wheels. Perhaps the biggest change coming to the S2000 for 2004 was the enlarged powerplant. A 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine was dropped into the 2004 model year sports car providing a greater amount of torque at a lower rpm. While the engine displacement changed, the S2000 nameplate continued to define the vehicle. Inside the cabin, the 2004 Honda S2000 provided greater elbow and shoulder room thanks to the redesign. In 2008, the Honda S2000 line-up is expanded with the addition of the CR or Club Racer package. The 2008 S2000CR came equipped with aerodynamic modifications for better high-speed downforce and reduced the overall weight of the roadster by about 90 pounds. After ten model years, Honda chose to discontinue the S2000 following 2009.

New and Used S2000 Prices, Honda S2000 Model Years and History

A convertible sports car, the 2009 Honda S2000 is a high-performance racetrack-ready roadster boasting nimble handling in addition to solid ergonomics and seating comfort.
A true two-passenger sports car, the 2008 Honda S2000 is now even more sporting due to the addition of the CR (Club Racer) trim which lightens the vehicle weight and further upgrades the handling.
A two-passenger convertible sports car, the 2007 Honda S2000 is a finely-tuned and exciting machine that offers great handling and a fun 2.2L four-cylinder engine.
Available in one no-nonsense trim, the 2006 Honda S2000 is a two-passenger convertible sports car that offers crisp handling and turn-shredding ride.
The 2005 Honda S2000 is a two-door, two-passenger sports convertible that handles like it's on rails and makes the most of its high-revving 2.2L four-cylinder engine for a fun ride.
The 2004 Honda S2000 is a two-passenger convertible sports car that offers world-class handling and a high-revving four-cylinder for exciting top-down motoring.
A two-door convertible sports car with room for two, the 2003 Honda S2000 offers impressive levels of grip and packs a fun punch in the form of a 2.0L engine.
A two-door convertible sports car, the 2002 Honda S2000 features "on-rails" handling and a high-revving four-cylinder engine which add up to a fun-to-drive package.
The 2001 Honda S2000 is a two-door, two-passenger convertible sports car with excellent handling and a high-revving four-cylinder engine which produces 240 hp.
The 2000 Honda S2000 is a brand new two-passenger convertible sports car that features high-revving, great-handling fun.