Chevrolet Impala Police Pkg Models and Impala Police Pkg History

Configured specifically for law enforcement duties, the Chevrolet Impala Police Package contains a fair use of heavy-duty components. For 2006, the Impala Police Package was a heavily updated vehicle featuring all-new styling. Propelling the 2006 Impala Police Package model is a 3.9-liter 3900 Vortec V-6 engine. Generating 240 horsepower, the V-6 engine was tuned to deliver 90 percent of torque along a broad mid-level engine rev range. Able to travel up to 135 miles per hour, acceleration to 60 miles per hour from a standstill was rated a time of 7.8 seconds. In 2007, the Vortec powerplant of the Impala Police Package added Active Fuel Management technology allowing the vehicle to achieve 22 miles per gallon fuel economy during combined city and highway driving. Engine power for the Chevrolet Impala Police Package was channeled through a four-speed automatic transaxle. This police package sedan protected vital mechanicals with various additional cooler systems. An external air-to-oil engine cooler, transmission-oil cooler and a power steering oil cooler is part of the Impala Police Package. Other attributes allowing the four-door sedan to maintain reliable operations over long, stressful hours is a heavy-duty suspension, Lubed-for-life chassis and a 150-amp alternator. 16 steel wheels on V-rated tires as well as a tire pressure monitoring system were also standard on the Chevrolet Impala Police Package. With a total of 104.5 cubic feet of passenger volume, the Impala Police Package featured a six-way power adjustment driver’s seat and a rear bench seat designed to handle repeated use. Front dual-stage airbags were standard with side roof-rail airbags existed as optional equipment. The vehicle’s name was changed to the Impala Police car after the 2007 model year.

New and Used Impala Police Pkg Prices, Chevrolet Impala Police Pkg Model Years and History

A law enforcement version of the Chevrolet Impala, the 2007 Impala Police utilizes active fuel management and flex fuel capabilities to improve fuel economy.
Featuring an all new redesign, the 2006 Impala Police is a law enforcement version of the Chevrolet Impala modified for high speed maneuvering and pursuit driving.