Bentley Arnage Models and Arnage History

One of the last vehicles developed by Bentley in their long-time association with Rolls-Royce, the Arnage existed as the British luxury brand’s flagship sedan entering the 21st century. A big, high-end luxury car with some robust horsepower, the Bentley Arnage featured a total length over 212 inches in standard wheelbase configurations.


Suited to limousine duty, the Bentley Arnage RL model represents a 222.1-inch total length. Introduced in 1998 with BMW engine power in Europe, the Bentley brand’s purchase by Volkswagen resulted in a change to the 6.75-liter V-8 powerplant by the time the Arnage arrived in the United States. The most powerful production Bentley developed for its time, the 2002 Arnage’s twin-turbocharged engine could produce up to 450 horsepower. An electronic stability control system coupled with a stiff but comfortable suspension system gave the 2002 Bentley Arnage surefooted handling. As a premium luxury car, the 2002 Bentley Arnage cabin includes real wood trim, heated leather seats and a DVD-based navigation system. In 2007, the Bentley Arnage received a massive mechanical upgrade that included a switch from a four-speed to six-speed automatic transmission as well as a new 500-horsepower Arnage T model.


The R model and long-wheelbase RL version of the Bentley Arnage is propelled with 450 horsepower. During 2009, Bentley retired the Arnage model line with a limited edition Final Series. Special equipment included on the 2009 Bentley Arnage Final Series consists of special 20-inch alloy wheels, a dark tinted upper and lower grille and a 1,000-watt Naim Audio sound system. Only 150 models of the 2009 Arnage Final Series were produced. In 2010, the all-new Bentley Mulsanne directly replaced the Arnage.

New and Used Arnage Prices, Bentley Arnage Model Years and History

An ultra-luxury sedan, the 2009 Bentley Arnage is the epitome of the power and prestige possible in the automotive world.
A carryover from 2007, the 2008 Bentley Arnage is a large and ultra-luxurious exotic sedan that is handbuilt in Crewe, England.
The 2007 Bentley Arnage is an exotic, ultra-luxurious sports sedan offered with a choice between two 6.8L twin-turbo V8 engines; one producing 450 hp and the other pumping out 500 hp.
An exotic and ultra-luxurious large sedan, the 2006 Bentley Arnage is a classically handbuilt British motorcar with modern and monstrous power under the hood.
An exotic, ultra-luxurious sports sedan, the 2005 Bentley Arnage spares no expense with regard to the interior options or the engine under the hood.
An ultra-luxurious and exotic sedan, the 2004 Bentley Arnage boasts a massive 6.75L V8 that is also massively powerful churning out 450 hp and moving all passengers quickly, safely, and in great comfort.
The 2003 Bentley Arnage is an exotic ultra-luxurious sedan that seats up to five passengers swathed in the ultimate in luxury while under the hood is a powerful 6.75L V8 engine.
An exotic and ultra-luxurious full-size sedan, the 2002 Bentley Arnage is a hand-built, classically-styled touring car that features a powerful 6.75L V8 engine under the long hood.