Honda Accord Coupe Models and Accord Coupe History

The Honda Accord Coupe was the first car designed by the auto company's American-based Research and Development operations. Succeeding the three-door hatchback as the sporty version of the Accord, the Honda Accord Coupe first appeared in 1988 as a DX and LXi model. Redesigned in 1990, the Accord Coupe featured a longer wheelbase and greater engine power. Performance of the Honda Accord Coupe would be greatly enhanced in 1995 when a V-6 engine was introduced as an optional engine choice. Since 1998, Honda has undertaken a conscious attempt to provide distinguishing styling traits between the Accord Coupe and Sedan. The new 1998 Accord Coupe rested on a shorter wheelbase than the sedan and incorporated Acura NSX-style taillights. A redesigned 2003 Honda Accord Coupe included a new 2.4-liter i-VTEC base engine and added the availability of a six-speed manual transmission. In 2008, the eighth generation Honda Accord resulted in a strikingly sporty coupe. Promoting greater fuel efficiency as well as strong power, the 2013 Accord Coupe adopted Honda's Earth Dreams engine technology. With a 278-horsepower V-6 engine, the 2016 Honda Accord Coupe can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in mid five-second range.

New and Used Accord Coupe Prices, Honda Accord Coupe Model Years and History

The two-door Honda Accord Coupe offers a stylish, modern appeal, and is graciously outfitted in the base model.
The two-door Honda Accord Coupe is stylish and compact with lots to offer buyers.
Minor changes mark the 2015 Honda Accord Coupe, a car that offers versatility and a signature design with the trademark Honda reliability.
Carried over with minimal changes, the 2014 Honda Accord Sedan is a reliable, safe, and affordable vehicle with room for the whole family.
Completely re-designed for 2013, Honda Accord coupe is a FWD mid-size car available with a standard 4-cylinder or optional V6 engine.
A mid-size car available with an economical 4-cylinder engine or performance based V6, the 2012 Honda Accord coupe is practical and stylish, making it an overall winner.
Given a minor design improvement for this model year, the 2011 Honda Accord Coupe continues to present itself as a smart, sporty product with a choice of 4 or 6-cylinder engines.
The 2010 Honda Accord Cpe is a two-door mid-size coupe that seats five passengers, has great fuel economy, and is nicely equipped.
Continuing its reign as a high resale car, the 2009 Honda Accord Coupe has a top reputation for stable performance, reliability and high popularity.
A crowd pleaser for years, the 2008 Honda Accord coupe receives a complete redesign and now comes with more great standard safety features.
A two-door five-passenger coupe, the 2007 Honda Accord Cpe is capable of 34 mpg on the highway, and is available in three trim levels with a long list of optional equipment.
The 2006 Honda Accord Cpe is a two-door coupe with seating for five passengers and is capable of achieving 34 mpg on the highway.
A mid-size two-door coupe with seating for five passengers, the 2005 Honda Accord Cpe is offered with a base four-cylinder engine but is also available with a 244 hp V6.
The 2004 Honda Accord Cpe is a five-passenger two-door that is offered in a range of trims with a choice between a manual or an automatic transmission and a 34 mpg highway fuel economy rating.
Totally restyled for the new year, the 2003 Honda Accord Cpe is a mid-size two-door car known for its reliability and fuel efficiency.
The 2002 Honda Accord Cpe is a mid-size two-door coupe that can seat five passengers and boasts a 28 mpg highway fuel economy rating.
The 2001 Honda Accord Cpe is a mid-size five-passenger coupe noted for its high-level of reliability and great fuel economy.
An affordable and reliable two-door, the 2000 Honda Accord Cpe boasts an impressive 30 mpg highway fuel economy rating.
A two-door, mid-size, the 1999 Honda Accord Cpe seats five passengers and gets over or near 30 mpg on the highway.
The 1998 Honda Accord Cpe seats five passengers and is available with a four-cylinder or V6 engine, both of which are fuel-efficient options.