Ferrari 430 Models and 430 History

The successor to the 360, the Pininfarina-designed Ferrari 430 was a clear evolution of the Italian sports car builders technology but also included a rich amount of brand nostalgia. At the front, oval-shaped air intakes shared a resemblance to Ferrari race cars of the 1960s. Styling cues from the Ferrari Enzo also appeared with the rear taillights.

A rear-wheel drive vehicle with a mid-engine configuration, the 430 was powered by a 483-horsepower 4.3-liter V-8 engine. The engine design borrowed heavily from Formula 1 powerplants. In order for the Ferrari 430 to be sold in the United States, the car was granted an exemption to airbag design requirements. Arriving in 2006, the Ferrari 430 was offered as a hardtop as well as an open-air Spider version. Capable of a top speed up to 196 miles per hour, acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour for the hardtop 430 supercar was measured in 4.5 seconds. A standard six-speed transmission was equipped on base versions of the Ferrari 430. With the F1 variants, an electro-hydraulic manual gearbox operated with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters in a fashion similar to professional race vehicles. In addition to the F1 transmission option, the Ferrari 430 was also equipped with an electronic differential called E-Diff becoming the first time such technology appeared on a production car.

In 2008, Ferrari introduced the 430 Scuderia as a lightweight version of the mid-engined supercar. In addition to a 220-pound weight reduction, the 2008 Ferrari 430 Scuderia was fitted with an enhanced B-8 engine delivering 503 horsepower. The increased power and lower overall weight allowed this version of the 430 to run up to 202 miles per hour. The 458 Italia succeeded the Ferrari 430 in the sport car companys line-up after the 2009 model year.

New and Used 430 Prices, Ferrari 430 Model Years and History

The 2009 Ferrari F430 may well be one of the best driver's cars ever made, with incredible power, handling, and balance.
Available as a coupe or convertible spider, the 2008 Ferrari 430 is an exotic Italian sports car with a 490 hp 4.3L engine or, on the new Scuderia version power is increased to 503 hp.
An ultra-exotic high-performance sports car, the two-seat 2007 Ferrari 430 is available as a coupe or convertible, both of which are powered by a rear-mounted 490 hp 4.3L V8 engine.
A brand-new two-door exotic sports car, the 2006 Ferrari 430 replaces the 360 in the Italian automakers lineup and is powered by a 483 hp 4.3L V8.