FIAT 500e Models and 500e History

In 2013, Italian auto brand Fiat energized their United States vehicle line-up with the addition of an all-electric vehicle. Able to travel 84 miles on a single charge, the 2013 Fiat 500e operates on a 111-horsepower electric motor running off a 24-kWh lithium-ion battery. Derived from the two-door Fiat 500, the 500e is differentiated from the fuel-burning version by a series of aerodynamically-tailored exterior touches. Refinements made to the front and rear of the Fiat 500e are some of the contributing elements resulting in the electric vehicle's 0.311 drag coefficient (the conventional 2013 Fiat 500 posts a 0.359 drag coefficient). While the aerodynamic improvements made to the Fiat 500e assist in the vehicle's overall efficiency, the design of the compact hatchback continues to retain a sporty small car character. The Fiat 500e's fun-to-drive persona is supported by a charming array of comfort equipment including a TomTom navigation system. For 2016, a 5.0 Uconnect infotainment system replaced the TomTom unit. When released, the availability of the Fiat 500e was limited to the state California. In 2014, the 500e was also introduced into select Fiat dealerships in Oregon.

New and Used 500e Prices, FIAT 500e Model Years and History

Fiat’s 500e is an eclectic mixture of modern design, technology and luxury, offering an all-electric vehicle that reduces your carbon footprint without compromising on features.
The Fiat 500e brings elegance, luxury and technology to the electric compact car class.
A stylish hatchback with a seductively sporty interior, a number of desirable add-ons and an entry-level price tag are the definitive reasons to consider ownership in this Italian import.
The 2014 FIAT 500e is the result of when a classic subcompact car nameplate is mated with an all-electric powertrain.